Saturday, May 8, 2010


Talk about ups and downs... I talked to Mike on the phone this morning. It was not a nice conversation. He threatened to be mean and nasty in the divorce if I didnt do things "his way". So it was not a fun morning. He called back a bit later and apologized. We have the kids to deal with together for awhile yet, so I dont want to hate him. I really want us to get along. He also asked if I was sure this is what I wanted. I think he might have been a little surprised when I said yes. He asked if I'd let him come back. I said no. He said what if he wanted to come back. I said no. It hasnt worked for 15 years, its not gonna work now. So if he doesnt know what he wants, what is he doing with someone else???
I do care about him, and even though he's been quite mean to me over the years, I want him to be happy. It just wont be with me.

He said he will come and help me get the stuff finished that he said he Ali's bedroom (which he said he'd start soon), the shower/tub, the kitchen addition, and grass. I could probably put the bedroom together (with a little help) myself, but I dont have the money for the supplies. Same with the kitchen, although I'm not too sure about drywalling. The shower, well, thats not in my league.

I dont want to fight, I just want to get things done, get this over with, move on and be happy.

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