Monday, May 10, 2010


The hosta bed is coming right along. I'm loving seeing the progress! Its so fun. I have started a stepping stone (kinda) path through it, and have some hosta planted. But I need more. I still have some I can transplant from around here, but I'm not sure thats enough (although I'm not sure how much closer I can get to the tree with all the roots). When this bed is done, I'll move across the sidewalk and work on that area. The house is finally getting some curb appeal.

And to add to that---grass seed. Mike put it down today, so hopefully the rain they're calling for will come tomorrow and water it down in. I'm so ready for a yard and not a mud pit.

He also brought some 2x4s to start on Ali's bedroom. I'm so glad he's still going through with helping on this stuff. Its really not an easy time, and he's not going to be here to reap the benefits, but I'm very thankful he's still helping. I was even nice and fed him dinner for the work.

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