Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm so tired.

The weigh in wasn't so bad..a gain, but just .8. Then today I was down 1.2, so I'll be happy about that. Another thing to be happy about is when I went to buy new jeans last night, I got a smaller size! And I didnt have to squeeze into them, lol. Even after washing and drying them last night, they fit great. Keeps the motivation going.

On the downside, I'm so tired. I'm also feeling a bit of a cold coming on. Between that, the stress of the last couple weeks, working then subbing this week....I need some sleep.

Mom is back in the hospital for a couple days. They're starting her back on her TPN (IV feed) and want to make sure she does ok with it before they send her home. I went in to see her this evening and saw the most beautiful rainbow out her window. Hope thats a sign of good things to come.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It took me almost a week to post the last post. Gotta love technology. I still dont have a computer. We had no internet at home for 4 days. I had no computer at school for a week. (Thanks tech guy for making it a priority to let me log on the computer at school!) We're now back online at home, and even wireless as of tonight. (I'm so behind on blogs and everything else!)

Things in the healthy eating area have not been good. I'm expecting a gain tomorrow. I wont be surprised if its significant even. Not only have I not been eating well, its also TOM. Add up the stress of the last 2 weeks and it cant come out to anything good. I will accept it and move on.

I'm skipping the football game this Friday. As much as I love going, I just feel like I need Friday off. Its supposed to rain, its supposed to be cold, and its away, so I have to pay full price for us all. Instead, I'm letting all the girls have friends come over to stay. Maybe I'd be smarter to go to the game, lol.

On Saturday the little girls have soccer. Their friends are also in soccer, so they'll go home with their parents after thats over. My friend is supposed to come down so I can show him the church where the wedding will be that we're going to photograph in a couple weeks. Then Saturday night is band-a-rama. I haven't been to that in a long time.

I'm really tired. I'm feeling an early bedtime again tonight. I was asleep by 9:30 last night. I just need things to settle down a bit. Wont be tomorrow, I'm subbing then and Friday this week. Looking forward to seeing the extra money on the paycheck for sure!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All in a week...

First off, with everything crazy going on, I managed to lose this week. I'm not exactly sure how much, but I think about 1.8 lbs maybe??? At any rate, I know it was a loss.
(I had this whole entry typed and then lost my internet connection. :( )
Anyway, I went to school last Monday morning, and after 45 minutes I got called to the office. My aunt was standing there crying. I knew something was up with my mom. They had taken her to the hospital in the squad. Her home health aid had come and found her lethargic and not really responsive. So they took her in. When I got the the ER, she was talking and stuff, but really tired. Her BP was really low. They diagnosed her with pancreatitis. They also found her to be anemic, and she had a UTI. She was in until Thursday afternoon. Friday night she went to the football game to watch the girls march. She stayed through halftime.
My grandpa also went in the hospital last week. He was in from Tuesday til Friday with pneumonia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I. am. pissed. off.

Today is not off to a good start. I've really been trying...really. And I'm making NO progress at all. None. I'm hanging around at the same weight I've been at for weeks. There is no way I've hit a plateau. I just dont know why its not working. I'm tracking food, exercising, and nothing. Its no wonder I always quit. I'm not doing it just to lose weight, I also want to be healthier, but I NEED to lose some weight, and I'm frustrated. And ticked. If you put in the effort, you should see results...even if slow. But none?

Now where did I put those brownies?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back at it

I indulged a bit over the weekend at the fair, but today is back to the grind. Thankfully it wasn't really all that bad...I had a few french fries and a french waffle last night, but that was it. Saturday was even less fries and part of the funnel cake, so again, not bad. But I want to get back to eating clean again this week. So far today has been good.
I also ran today. I kinda liked doing my own thing. I only followed C25K for 2 weeks, but I dont have the next podcast since my computer died. So today I warmed up with a 5 minute walk, then ran for 2 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, ran for 7 minutes, walked for 3 minutes (was supposed to only be 2, but lost track of time), ran for 4 minutes, cooled down with a 5 minute walk. I did 1.25 miles. I feel like I'm ready to run for longer periods of time, and I did just that today. So I might just keep doing my own thing for awhile. I feel like I can push myself right now. I feel good!
I'm also doing really well staying off the scale. It was really getting discouraging not seeing what I wanted to each day, so I dont step on it until Thursdays. I think I'll be able to stay motivated more if I keep it to one day a week for the time being.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Times

Yesterday I finally had a bit of a chance to relax. I didnt waste the whole day though...I did w2d3 of c25k. This time I did 1.3 miles. Since my computer is in for repairs, I'm not sure what I'm going to do for running now. No one had itunes on their computer here, and I dont really want to put it on their computers for only a short time, so I dont have the next podcast on my ipod. I'm really thinking about just doing my own thing, at least once. I'd like to see how long I can jog without stopping. Once I got past the initial 90 second run this week, it seemed like I could have easily gone a bit longer...not sure how much, but I think it would be interesting to know. Then I could decide what to do from there.

Last night was the football game. Olivia is liking the chance to run around with her friends. We won, 30-0.

Today was the fair. We had a lot of fun. Maddy spent most of the time riding the "big kid" rides this year. She couldnt ride the ones that were 48" or above, but that didnt leave many she couldnt ride. She rode the motorcycles in kiddie land, and when she got off she said how boring it was, lol. Guess we're about done with kiddie land. :( I'd like to go back one more time this week. We didnt go through any of the animal barns. We were just too tired.

I did really well eating there. I usually get the chicken fajita---oh so good---but I thought the flatbread was probably a lot of calories. They also offer it as a salad, so I got that instead. It was yummy! I watched them make it so I could see just how much stuff they were putting in it, and it wasnt a lot of ranch, so that was good. I really think overall it was a pretty healthy choice. Then we all shared a funnel cake. I only had a few bites. It was a good time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

On and on and on...

So it continues. Last night my aunt called to tell me my mom had passed out a couple times yesterday. They had someone come look at her (vitals and such) and her BP was really low. They thought she should go in to be seen, but she had an appointment this morning, so she stayed home. Her dr said to push fluids and food and make sure she got lots of rest. I took her to the dr today and she ended up with a bag of IV fluids there. Then we had to go to the hospital for IV potassium. She's still there, but should be getting done within the next 30 minutes or so. I really hope this helps, because her BP was still pretty low when she left the dr office. I'm not supposed to be worrying about my mom yet!

Today is weigh in day. I lost a little over a pound. I hadn't been keeping track of the decimal part of the change, but I think I'll start. I'm only .2 away from the next pound down. :)

I started working out on the total gym tonight. I hate that my whole body isn't at the same place, so some things are really hard at the incline I have it set at. But I dont think I should put it down any lower. So I guess I have to work up to it being too easy.

Lots to do in the next couple days. Looking forward to the fair on Saturday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Working hard

If its not one thing, its another. Sigh.......

As if its not bad enough that the van has sucked so much money lately, now my computer is following suit. I'm almost positive it needs a new hard drive. Lovely. I'm hoping its done by the weekend...really hoping! Until then, I'll have to borrow the kiddos.

Tonight we're sitting here relaxing after a day of shopping, and we hear a loud boom, while at the same time the power goes out. We all come running from different directions to see what happened. I thought someone hit a pole, but nothing was out there. The neighbor was outside looking at the pole between our houses, and said there was a dead squirrel on the ground. Seems he was messing where he wasn't supposed to be (the squirrel, not the neighbor) and tripped the transformer. Thankfully it was back on in a couple hours. (Sure makes you realize how much earlier its getting dark these days.)

I'm starting to write down what I eat now. I'm still thinking I might be a bit low on calories, so I want to track for awhile. But I still cant find my kitchen scale. I almost bought one at Walmart today, but decided to wait. I have no idea what happened to mine when we moved. I also bought the wrong kind of sausage links for breakfast. Sigh...

With all the negatives from today, I'll end with a positive. My aunt got the girls some new clothes at Kohls today. They got some cute stuff. Cant wait til its me buying cute new stuff!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yesterday started week 2 of C25K. After the first 2 sets, I felt like quitting. Its not really that I'm tired, or that its awful, it just sucks. :) In my mind I keep telling myself that if I quit, I wont be any closer to my goal...that things will never get better. So I keep plugging along.
I must admit that there is one good thing to getting up early to run. Its dark. I dont turn on the lights when I run, just the tv. So I cant see the timer on the treadmill. I kinda keep track in my head about which number run I'm on, but I cant see the actual time. Yesterday I ran later in the day, so everything was right there for me to watch. I think I will take someone else's advice and cover the timer so I cant see it.

I'm also a bit frustrated. This is going in to week 5 (I think), and while I'm really trying hard, I'm not seeing results. I lost a lot the first week (typical), but since week 2, I'm just kind of sitting in the same place. Maybe I'm not putting enough into it. I just started exercising last week, so I was hoping for something to change, but I guess I need to give it time. I know I need to add something with weights too, but I havent yet. (I also cant find my kitchen scale. It has to be in the basement somewhere still packed up, but it must be in the box with my mini food processor, because I cant find that either.)

I've been spending too much time reading other blogs :), but it has given me a bit of inspiration. While I'm hoping to pick up more subbing days on the 2 days I have off a week, if I dont, I need to do something productive. I think I'm going to get my bike out and start riding on some of those days. I cant always just run or do the same things...I'll get bored (and I know it will happen fast for me)... so maybe I just need a ride on the trail.

As for today...tonight is the town homecoming. The kids are eating at their dad's first, so I wont be eating there either. I'm meeting up with friends later, and might have some homemade icecream, but thats all I'm planning. Should be a fun evening. (Now if the heat would just break before then!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Day

I wasn't sure what my exercise was going to be today. I really needed to go to the bank, but my car was being worked on. So I decided to walk to town. Its just about a mile to the bank, so 2 miles total. The bad thing: the whole walk back is uphill. The walk to town wasn't bad. The only thing I dont like is the first half of the trip there is no sidewalk. People drive crazy on this road. I was going to stop to check on my mom while I was in town, and saw that she was home when I went to the bank, but by the time I finished at the bank, she was gone. So I just came home. That was a workout! By then the sun had come out, I was completely dressed in black (what was I thinking?), and was sweating bullets by the time I got home. Felt good though. I should do that more often.

Food was pretty good again today. I did have a candy bar today, which is really not normal for me at all. (I bought them for some kids at school that helped me out, but didnt see them yesterday to give them the candy. I better hide the rest!) Oh, and I might change my weigh in days to Thursdays. I think I need that extra day to recover from the weekend, not that I do really bad, but with family dinners on Sundays, it will help. I was back to the lowest today, so its all down from here. :)

I just feel really good that I got a workout in today. I've been doing nothing on my non running days. I have the ipod all loaded for week 2 tomorrow. The good thing is, if I dont get a call to sub, I dont have to get up early to do it. I can wait til the kids leave for school!