Thursday, September 22, 2011

All in a week...

First off, with everything crazy going on, I managed to lose this week. I'm not exactly sure how much, but I think about 1.8 lbs maybe??? At any rate, I know it was a loss.
(I had this whole entry typed and then lost my internet connection. :( )
Anyway, I went to school last Monday morning, and after 45 minutes I got called to the office. My aunt was standing there crying. I knew something was up with my mom. They had taken her to the hospital in the squad. Her home health aid had come and found her lethargic and not really responsive. So they took her in. When I got the the ER, she was talking and stuff, but really tired. Her BP was really low. They diagnosed her with pancreatitis. They also found her to be anemic, and she had a UTI. She was in until Thursday afternoon. Friday night she went to the football game to watch the girls march. She stayed through halftime.
My grandpa also went in the hospital last week. He was in from Tuesday til Friday with pneumonia.

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