Monday, September 5, 2011

Working hard

If its not one thing, its another. Sigh.......

As if its not bad enough that the van has sucked so much money lately, now my computer is following suit. I'm almost positive it needs a new hard drive. Lovely. I'm hoping its done by the weekend...really hoping! Until then, I'll have to borrow the kiddos.

Tonight we're sitting here relaxing after a day of shopping, and we hear a loud boom, while at the same time the power goes out. We all come running from different directions to see what happened. I thought someone hit a pole, but nothing was out there. The neighbor was outside looking at the pole between our houses, and said there was a dead squirrel on the ground. Seems he was messing where he wasn't supposed to be (the squirrel, not the neighbor) and tripped the transformer. Thankfully it was back on in a couple hours. (Sure makes you realize how much earlier its getting dark these days.)

I'm starting to write down what I eat now. I'm still thinking I might be a bit low on calories, so I want to track for awhile. But I still cant find my kitchen scale. I almost bought one at Walmart today, but decided to wait. I have no idea what happened to mine when we moved. I also bought the wrong kind of sausage links for breakfast. Sigh...

With all the negatives from today, I'll end with a positive. My aunt got the girls some new clothes at Kohls today. They got some cute stuff. Cant wait til its me buying cute new stuff!

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