Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yesterday started week 2 of C25K. After the first 2 sets, I felt like quitting. Its not really that I'm tired, or that its awful, it just sucks. :) In my mind I keep telling myself that if I quit, I wont be any closer to my goal...that things will never get better. So I keep plugging along.
I must admit that there is one good thing to getting up early to run. Its dark. I dont turn on the lights when I run, just the tv. So I cant see the timer on the treadmill. I kinda keep track in my head about which number run I'm on, but I cant see the actual time. Yesterday I ran later in the day, so everything was right there for me to watch. I think I will take someone else's advice and cover the timer so I cant see it.

I'm also a bit frustrated. This is going in to week 5 (I think), and while I'm really trying hard, I'm not seeing results. I lost a lot the first week (typical), but since week 2, I'm just kind of sitting in the same place. Maybe I'm not putting enough into it. I just started exercising last week, so I was hoping for something to change, but I guess I need to give it time. I know I need to add something with weights too, but I havent yet. (I also cant find my kitchen scale. It has to be in the basement somewhere still packed up, but it must be in the box with my mini food processor, because I cant find that either.)

I've been spending too much time reading other blogs :), but it has given me a bit of inspiration. While I'm hoping to pick up more subbing days on the 2 days I have off a week, if I dont, I need to do something productive. I think I'm going to get my bike out and start riding on some of those days. I cant always just run or do the same things...I'll get bored (and I know it will happen fast for me)... so maybe I just need a ride on the trail.

As for today...tonight is the town homecoming. The kids are eating at their dad's first, so I wont be eating there either. I'm meeting up with friends later, and might have some homemade icecream, but thats all I'm planning. Should be a fun evening. (Now if the heat would just break before then!)

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