Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It took me almost a week to post the last post. Gotta love technology. I still dont have a computer. We had no internet at home for 4 days. I had no computer at school for a week. (Thanks tech guy for making it a priority to let me log on the computer at school!) We're now back online at home, and even wireless as of tonight. (I'm so behind on blogs and everything else!)

Things in the healthy eating area have not been good. I'm expecting a gain tomorrow. I wont be surprised if its significant even. Not only have I not been eating well, its also TOM. Add up the stress of the last 2 weeks and it cant come out to anything good. I will accept it and move on.

I'm skipping the football game this Friday. As much as I love going, I just feel like I need Friday off. Its supposed to rain, its supposed to be cold, and its away, so I have to pay full price for us all. Instead, I'm letting all the girls have friends come over to stay. Maybe I'd be smarter to go to the game, lol.

On Saturday the little girls have soccer. Their friends are also in soccer, so they'll go home with their parents after thats over. My friend is supposed to come down so I can show him the church where the wedding will be that we're going to photograph in a couple weeks. Then Saturday night is band-a-rama. I haven't been to that in a long time.

I'm really tired. I'm feeling an early bedtime again tonight. I was asleep by 9:30 last night. I just need things to settle down a bit. Wont be tomorrow, I'm subbing then and Friday this week. Looking forward to seeing the extra money on the paycheck for sure!

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