Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Future Planning

I had an interesting conversation with Alexis yesterday. We were in the van, and we found a copy of father-in-law's will. (Why it was in the van I have no clue) Alexis wanted to know what would happen to them if something happens to me, and I said they'd have to go live with their dad. She said "Not if he's married to some mean woman!". I just had to laugh, but I knew where that comment had come from.
Today I asked them if it was ok if I got married again someday. The first question was "To who?". (Um, like I have any idea at this point, lol.) I asked them if I'd have to ask their approval if I wanted to get married, and in unison they answered "Yes!".

Guess I have my critics looking out for me. :)

In other news, Brenna won the Gettysburg Address contest at school yesterday. She gets a $50 savings bond and will recite it at the community Memorial day service. (Alexis won last year!)

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