Friday, May 21, 2010


Lets start with some good news mom's CAT scan came back clean again!!! Woohoo! She's still dealing with some blood count issues, but at least there's still no cancer.

Grandpa is still doing about the same. On Weds the neurologist said he still feels he's going to recover from the stroke, but its going to be a long process. His fever came back today. The infection must not be gone yet. He still isn't responding. He did open his eyes today when the radiologist took the electrodes off his chest after the u/s on his heart. It makes me think he's feeling the pain or discomfort, so I just want to pinch him and say WAKE UP!

Brenna is home from camp. She had a great time. I knew she would.

I'm going up to see Grandpa again tomorrow. If all is still the same, I probably wont go Sunday. We have our mission trip presentation on Sunday, and then I'd like to get the garden put in before it gets too late.

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