Sunday, May 23, 2010


Grandpa opened his eyes yesterday morning. He stayed awake for about an hour, then was asleep the rest of the day. Of course, all that happened before I got there, so I didnt get to see him awake.

We went up today and when I walked in I took his hand and said, "Hi Grandpa". He opened his eyes just a bit. He didnt keep them open for long though. So far they dont know if he realizes who is there or anything like that. He isnt really responding. But whenever someone else came back when I was there and talked to him, he'd open his eyes just a bit.

The intensivist told Aunt Jackie that he's surprised he woke up at all. They've been saying they thought he'd survive the stroke, but I guess they didnt mention that they didnt expect him to wake up.

So here's hoping for more small miracles.

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