Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last night started out nice. We went to church to help paint scenery for VBS. Got done there and went to watch the Little League team play. We had only been there a few minutes when I got a phone call that my grandpa was being taken to Aultman hospital. So I got a hold of mom, and she was going up with Aunt Jackie.
She called later to say he had had a stroke. He had fallen down the porch steps because of it, and someone drove past and saw him laying there. He was unresponsive at the hospital, so they transferred him to Aultman. He's on a ventilator, but he could answer yes and no questions last night.
I went to see him today. He was really agitated from the vent. They have him restrained because he keeps trying to pull the tube out. And because of all that, they keep him sedated most of the least until they can take the tube out.
It really scares me to see him like that. It just reminds me of Grandma after she had her last stroke. I think I'll probably go up tomorrow to see him again for just a bit. I hope they can take the vent out. I think he'll be happier and more comfortable.
Sending lots of prayers to you Grandpa. I love you!

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