Monday, May 3, 2010


Is Happiness a Choice?

Thats the question I heard on the radio today. My first reaction was to say yes. I listened to a few of the answers people gave, and I thought some were interesting. Some people thought yes, happiness is a choice. Some thought no. A few said joy is a choice, and happiness is the emotion that goes along with it. Here is something someone posted: "Happiness happens. Both words come from the same Norse root. Happiness comes from outward circumstances we like. Joy comes from the inside." So maybe a better question would be: is joy a choice? (or being joyful)

Things are a bit rough for me right now. It hasnt exactly been a cake walk up until this point either. Yet I've found things and ways to stay happy. I just cant be a negative person. Life is too short to focus on all the wrong things. I think trying to see the positive in all (most) things helps me stay happy. Of course there are always those days when something goes wrong or something happens to put a damper on life, but its how you choose to handle those things and deal with them that gets things back on the right track. It does no good to dwell on the past, or on things you cant control.

So in my mind, yes, happiness is definitely a choice.

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