Saturday, May 8, 2010


Mike has a girlfriend. I found out today. He says its only been for a couple weeks, but I really think its been much longer. I wasnt sure what to think of this at first. I mean, there's no love lost between us, so what do I care. But then he asked a couple things that I thought were really inappropriate, and that got me thinking more.

What is the "appropriate" amount of time to wait before dating? This seems a little soon to me, as we havent even filed the papers yet. But its not like there's a chance we wont go through with it. Its not like something sudden happened and we just decided to split up. Its been a long time coming. But the thing is, he has SO many issues. Why did he jump into something already before he had time to really resolve some of those issues? He has no place to live. He doesnt know how he's going to have visitation. He says his kids are his first priority, but after what he said to me tonight, I really have to wonder. I know he loves them, but he seems to be wrapped up in other things now.

He said he'd help me finish up a few things around here. I hope he still means that. After that, I'll find someone else to help me. I think the less contact we have the better. I'm not going to ask him to take the girls to games or practices. If he offers, fine. Otherwise, I'll do it. If he decides to find a place to stay and wants the kids every other weekend, great. If not, we'll find something to do. I just hope he's not losing site of what's really important. I really think I'm the only thing stable in their lives. (But it would be nice to have an occasional weekend to relax and unwind, or go have fun.)

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