Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Isn't that always the case????

Things I need to get done this week: paint the entry way/hallway. I had the paint, but never got to it. Now I dont have the paint, so I think I'll pick something different and have at it. I'd like it to be inviting, and not just a jumbled up mess of coats and shoes.

Start the hosta bed. I'm going to do this as soon as I'm off here. At minimum I want to move the patio blocks and get the swing out. I'd also like to lay out how I want the bed to be shaped.

Rearrange a few things. I'm getting the hutch from my grandma's, and I need a place to put it. Not really sure where that is going to be at this point, but I know something is going to have to be moved to make a place for it.

Finish CLEANING the family room. I have a good start on it, but there are things that need to be moved, and shelves dusted and rearranged, etc. I'm also getting Sis's tv, so the old one can go.

Put things away. I know I brought home too much stuff from Sis's, but I figure better safe than sorry. Its things I'll probably want or need, and its better to get them now for free than have to buy them later. I just need to find a place for them now.

I think I might be having dinner here on Mother's day, so thats why I need to get so much done. There may be a bit more family than just the usual Sunday dinner crowd, so I want things to be done and look awesome! :)

Off to get started.

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