Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I ate badly yesterday. I only ate twice, both meals out, neither great. I felt downright awful last night when I got home. They could hear my stomach rumbling from across the room. (Ate at BK on the way home...I cant tell you the last time I ate something like that, even before I started "eating healthy".) It was not nice.
I was so happy to have my salad for lunch today. I think my body thanked me. :)

Tomorrow I'll eat dinner out. My oldest has her appointment with a cardiologist, and I can eat breakfast and lunch at home, but will take her out for dinner afterwards. (Its nice to be able to do that with just one sometimes.) I'm not sure where she's going to want to go, but I will definitely make a better choice than I did yesterday. I dont want to feel like that again.

There has been no exercise so far this week. I was taking care of my mom on Monday, didnt get home from the hospital until almost 9 last night (left at 8:30 am), and had a meeting tonight after work. Sigh... Maybe tomorrow morning since I'm not working. I need life to slow down just a bit.

And then there's stress. I've tried to call and text my mom today, but no answer or reply. My aunt has a call in to the nurse, but she hasn't heard back from them either. Ugh! If we dont hear from anyone tonight, my aunt is heading down at 8 tomorrow morning. I would think someone would have let me know if there were complications, but I think my mom would have called me if she was ok. So I dont know what to think. I hate that she's so far away for things like this. (2 hours, but it was just a "we do it every day" procedure!)

I'm really tired, so I'm heading to bed early. I'm just wearing out this week.

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Alana Jo said...

I hope things are ok with your Mom. Sounds like you do need to slow down a bit. Enjoy your meal out tomorrow, but make wise decisions! Good luck!