Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of Week 5

I am epically failing my first challenge.  I'm no farther along than I was when I started.  I like the quote from this week...on to plan B...or C, or ZZZZZZZZZZ

Last week:
Lose 2 lbs: no, although I didnt weigh this morning, so I'm not positive about that.
NSV:  Take pics and post meals: no.  Not even one
Nutrition: count calories...stay between 1200 and 1500.  Only tracked one day I think
Exercise: 3 days.  No.

See, epically failing.  I'll get there.

Week 6.

Lose something.  Anything. 
NSV: Going to try pics again.  Its harder than I thought it might be.
Nutrition: Healthy eating. Count calories.
Exercise:  Yes.  Something.  I'm feeling the need to do something strength wise to work on my arms.  We had sign ups for our church softball team today and I need to be ready.

Things are rough.  I'm not sure when I'm going to make it to the grocery store this week.  My mom is doing a bit better, so that helps.  But my bathroom is still torn completely apart.  I did finally get it primed today, so hoping to have some time to paint tomorrow.  Then maybe I can tile the floor...Wednesday (or Thursday if I'm not working).  (I have a meeting Tuesday evening, so it wont happen then.) 

And then there's the hubs.  We've been separated for 2 years.  We are amicable...he stops when he wants to see the girls, will help me with stuff that needs fixed here, etc.  We're better friends now than we were when we were living together.  We filled out dissolution papers awhile ago, but neither of us has the money to file them.  He stayed with the girls on Friday while I went out with some ladies from work.  When I got home, he wants to talk.  He said he's done a lot of growing up, and a lot of thinking, and he'd like to work on us and see if we can save our marriage.  I dont know what to think.  I certainly didnt go into my marriage intending to get divorced, but things happen.  But I did spend a lot of time getting myself to the place I am now after he moved out.  And I'm happy.   I'm probably willing to give it a try, but I'm so guarded...I dont want to get hurt again. 
Just add another chapter of stress to my life...  :)


PlumPetals said...

Having that type of stress in your life is incredibly difficult to deal with, even if it looks like it is moving in a positive direction. I hope things work out the way YOU want them to.

As for your goals, forget about the past. This is a new week. As you said for exercise - just do something. Even if it's 20 sit-ups a day. It'll start to make you feel better.

You can do this! Sending you lots of positive thoughts :)

Michele said...

Maybe you can focus on just one overall goal for this week toward your healthy lifestyle ? Maybe exercise? Or eating a certain amount of calories ? You have a lot of things on your plate now that are emotionally charged. Try to do one thing for yourself even with all the emotions and stress. You will feel better if you do, I promise.

Weight Wars said...

You have a lot going on right now, what's important is your life. Your wider life is important. Making decisions about that is more important than anything else, the rest will come when you are ready.

Maren said...

I can see how your husband gave you something to think about, it must be a very difficult decision. I am sure you will find in your heart what's right for you!

Good luck in week 6!

Caron said...

So, we still have five weeks on this challenge and you can make significant progress in five weeks. Don't give up and good luck with week six. :)

Denise said...

One day at a time, you can do it.