Saturday, April 21, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly

I think I need to make a change.  I'm thinking to be more accountable, I should start posting what I eat.  I see pics and lists of what some of you are eating, and being really honest, and maybe thats what I need to do.  I've been doing badly again this week.  Its not entirely my fault, but when eating out, I could make better decisions.  Its just been a long hard week.  I think one of my goals for next week will be to do pics (maybe) and post what I'm eating.  I think that will help me choose better.  :)

The good things from the week:
My oldest has a healthy heart!  The cardiologist thinks she is living in a state of dehydration, and needs extra water/fluids to increase her blood volume.  So we're trying to make sure she drinks plenty.  (Non caffeinated, which isn't really a problem at home since we rarely have soda.)  She stands the whole time she is in choir class, so the doc told her to shift her weight and flex her feet.  Keeping her muscles moving will help keep the blood circulating and stop it from pooling in her legs, which is probably causing the black outs.  So overall, good news.

I also brought my mom home from Columbus yesterday.  She has a drain in her liver right now, and will have it until May 1st when she has to go back and probably have a stent put in.  But her lovely yellow color is slowly returning to normal.  Thankfully no surgery at this point.

And then there's always the bad:
When I picked my oldest up from school, she ate lunch here before we left for her appointment.  She was in the basement and called me to come down right away.  There was water pouring out of the ceiling of the new bathroom down there.  AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!  At first it was thought to be the wax ring around the toilet in my bathroom, but it turns out to be more than that.  (Well, that might have been it, but the subfloor was all rotted in my bathroom.)  So the ex pulled up the sub floor for me and put  down a new one today.  I ran to Menards today and got a new sink (I've wanted to change out the vanity and sink to a pedestal one) and flooring and paint.  This bathroom needs redone something terribly (its really ugly, and the floor is awful), but I dont really have the money to do it now.  Unfortunately, I have to.  I will take off the wallpaper and paint it yet today (I hope), then put down the tile tomorrow and grout it Monday.  Then hopefully Tuesday the new sink can go in, and I'll have to make a decision about a new toilet or the old one.  I'm not replacing the medicine cabinet yet, and I need to figure out what to do with the shower.  But at least this will be a beginning and hopefully stop the leaking.

My legs will get a good workout tiling.  I did the main bathroom last summer, and was really sore by the time I was done.  At least something will get exercised!

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Nanette said...

heh... yeah. never lock your knees in choir. I've nearly passed out mid-concert because of the shoes I was wearing and not thinking about it. I'm glad they figured something out to help her. :)

Show us some before and after photos of your bathroom! :)