Monday, April 2, 2012

First Day Week 2

Today has been SO much better!

I'm at around 1200 calories for the day. I like to keep it a little above that, but that's where I came in tonight, and that's where its staying for today.
Drank plenty of water. Really feel like I could have a bit more, but its too close to bedtime to drink anything else, lol.
Exercised! Yes, you read that right...I got in some exercise. I took my daughter to softball practice, watched a bit, then 2 of my other daughters and I went for a walk. It was only a mile tonight, but it was up and down some hills. (I drove the same route when we left, and it was just about exactly a mile. Good to know for future walks) I could have gone farther easily, but my 7 year old was complaining then whole time, so that was it for today. Next time I'll leave her at home, lol. But hey, its something!

Tomorrow I'm meeting 3 of my friends and their kids at the park. (We have 14 kids among us!) I'm hoping to do a bit of playing (unorganized exercise), even though I'm sure my friends are just planning on chatting. Its so fun when we all get together, which isnt often enough. We've been friends since elementary school! We are each bringing our own picnic lunches, so I'll have total control of what I eat. I'm planning on taking my usual salad, and some kind of fruit. I'm looking forward to it. (Another daughter has practice tomorrow evening, so I may get in another walk too!)


Nanette said...

I'm glad you're taking your own food. It's great that you can control that situation.

I'm also loving that you got out there and started walking. More more more! :) You are starting out the week on the right foot!

Caron said...

Good day. Yes, take the exercise where you can find it. I did today's exercise in ten minute segments but I got it done. Have a great week.:)