Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 5 Week 2

What has happened to me?

Its a lazy Friday today...I took my daughter (the same one from the dr incident) and 3 of her friends bowling today. Got them pizza, and now they're just hanging out here playing the Wii. I messed around here for awhile, doing a little of this, a little of that (because I cleaned this morning). I ate some bad stuff... like 3 small pieces of pizza and a couple cookies. (I'm thankful we got medium pizzas and they're cut into 10 pieces!) I sit down to relax and just have this nagging feeling...get up, get up. I don't want to. I got in my 3 days of exercise this week, so I've met that goal.

Get up! You ate badly today...too many are .4lbs from hitting 20 lbs lost and you would love to see that number tomorrow...GET UP!

So I did. And I walked 2 miles. Can I just say it sucks living at the top of a hill???!!! Which ever route I choose to walk, I start out downhill and then have to come back uphill. Ugh! But I did. And I feel good. And my shins hurt now, because we walked hills last night too. But I feel good. And thats all that really matters in the end.

But that wasn't quite enough to silence the voice. So I also did crunches on the exercise ball and resistance bands on my arms.

Now there's no more guilt for sitting here the rest of the evening. I think my friend is coming over for a bit, so I have no reason not to just sit here and enjoy the company. And I feel good! :)


deanna said...

Wow, I feel I should get up and to some exercising.... Good choices !

Nanette said...

That's awesome! Isn't it so great that you live on a hill?! You get hill training every time you go for a walk/bike ride! Soon you'll hit a day when it won't even phase you and you'll remember those days when that hill was an annoyance, or difficult. Keep going!

Caron said...

I have the same hilly situation. It's hard coming back up the hill but I tell myself I need it. :)