Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3 Week 2

So tired.

I didnt sleep well at all last night, then had to get up at 6:30 to take my daughter to babysit. Came home and did a few things around the house.

I had to take my oldest daughter to the doc at 1:20. She's been having spells where she gets light headed and her vision goes black and she said everything sounds like she's underwater. So we went to have her checked out. She had 2 spells while we were there. They did an EKG, sugar test, blood work, etc. Thankfully (I think) they didnt find anything, but he couldnt tell us why it was happening. Our doc was on vacation this week, so he wants us to go back and see her next week to follow up, and see if she wants to do any further testing. So for now we just watch her. (Her BP was low...they took it many times today, and one time it was 96/40!)
But we were at the doc's for THREE HOURS! He wouldnt let us leave until he got her blood work back.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was just as crazy. Ran to Walmart after the docs, then took her to grab something at Taco Bell, then home to grab another daughter for ball practice. I did get in another walk tonight...farther this time. I didnt measure, but it was probably 1 1/2 miles.

Still within calories today too.

Hoping for some good sleep tonight too!


~TMcGee~ said...

Yikes! What a day. Thinking of your kiddo and hoping they find nothing but can explain what is going on. Great job on your exercising. :-)

Nanette said...

That's the same feeling I get when I've worked out SUPER HARD... the tunnel vision narrows to black and everything sounds like we're in a tin can. I'm interested in hearing what conclusion they come to. I hope that she's okay.

I'm glad you got out and walking. :)

PlumPetals said...

Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope your daughter is ok.