Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is Hard

Overall this isnt so hard, but today was hard, and tomorrow will be as well. When I'm on my schedule, I have time to sneak in my snacks. When I'm subbing, no such luck. (At least not in the class I'm teaching today and tomorrow.) The kids have their special first thing in the morning, and I've basically just eaten breakfast then, and I dont have another break until lunch (12:20). So no snacking. I cant really be reading to them or asking questions while eating. I was quite hungry by lunch today. Ugh! Like stomach growling hungry.
The afternoon wasn't quite as bad because it was only about 3 hours from lunch until school was out, so I could have a snack then. So we'll see if I can figure out something for the morning tomorrow. (The kids are taking a test, so maybe I can sneak something at my desk.)

B: oatmeal w/1 Tbsp peanut butter
L: salad with turkey and tomato drizzled with vinegar and oil
Sn: boiled egg and apple
D: tilapia with brown rice and vegetables
Sn: cottage cheese

Total: 1095
I did really well on water today finally!

So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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