Friday, January 6, 2012


No joke, I couldn't be any happier that today is Friday. Considering this was only a 4 day work week, it was a looooong one for sure. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but Thursday and Friday were never ending stress days. Sigh...

I guess its good I kept busy though. No time to sit around at home and look at the leftover goodies from Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going to package things up and put them in the freezer for when guests come. I've been good though and had nothing at all. And since my dad's homemade fudge is sitting on the counter taunting me, I'd say this is a huge accomplishment! (That's the only chocolate fudge I really like.)


B: oatmeal with PB
Sn: string cheese and cutie
L: salad with turkey, tomato, drizzled with vinegar and oil
D: tuna with egg, mayo, onion, celery, tomato on cucumber slices
Sn: popcorn

Total: 1010 calories
And good again on water (Still need to do a bit better, but at least its progress)

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start the 30 day shred. I really wanted to start tonight, but I havent been this exhausted in a long time. I dont think I could give it even half my all, lol.

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