Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Another Day

Still nothing exciting to report. Oh, except maybe that they're starting on the basement remodel tomorrow! Its not ready for them, but he said he'll be here anyway. :) Nice to have that underway.

As of right now I'm off tomorrow, so I'm going to straighten up the upstairs, then start bringing up boxes from the basement to go through. I think I need to start with the clothes...some need packed up for my step-cousin, some are probably still good for the girls, some need donated... I just need them not sitting around the basement. Once the washer and dryer get moved up here, I'll have to be more organized about it.

B: oatmeal, PB, orange juice
Sn: clementine, boiled egg
L: salad with turkey, tomato, feta cheese and RC dressing
Sn: yogurt
D: Chicken, brown rice, cabbage
Sn: cottage cheese

Total: 1340

Tomorrow will be my first official weigh in. Week 2 is not being as nice as week 1. Thankfully I was fully expecting that. :)

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