Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was so tired today. I had a hard time falling asleep, then woke up a lot through the night. At least today wasn't too bad.

My mom and brother came just as I got home from work. They stayed til 9pm, so no exercise for me tonight. I will start the shred tomorrow! I want to be done before I go to the waterpark!


B: oatmeal with banana and PB
Sn: cheese stick (had a clementine too but ran out of time)
L: salad with ham, tomatoes, cheese and RF dressing/grilled cheese from school
Sn: yogurt
D: fish, cauliflower with cheese sauce, unsweetened applesauce
One square of my dad's homemade fudge
Sn: egg and apple

Total: 1050 plus the grilled cheese and fudge

I learned something today. When you are eating clean, your body rebels when you eat something it doesnt like. After I ate the grilled oozing cheesy melty goodness that was from the school cafeteria, my stomach grumbled, churned, and cramped all afternoon. Lesson learned.

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