Friday, January 13, 2012


We got snow. Lots of snow. And lots of wind. So now there are lots of drifts. If today hadn't been a waiver day, there would have been no school. But since it was a waiver day, I still had to go out and to the meeting. Fun times. Oh well, I got paid for it and got to sit and chat with the other librarians.

Once I got home I was (hoping to be) in for the weekend. But no such luck. The contractor and plumber came back this afternoon. That led to discussions for my mom's bathroom, but also for what to do with my washer and dryer. They cant stay in the basement, but they won't fit in my bathroom. So my mom and I are going shopping tomorrow. I think I'm going to have to get a stackable. That means a reconfiguration of my bathroom...moving the toilet and putting the stackable in the alcove. He said it really wouldnt be much trouble.

I did get to spend the afternoon in the family room with the girls in front of a fire. Maybe tomorrow night as well (without my girls :( ). But then I decided I'd waited long enough, and really needed to start the 30 day shred. So I spent 22 minutes of pure Jillian hell, and when I was done I was really hoping I can force myself to do that again 29 more times. Its gonna be rough.

B: english muffin with egg and cheddar cheese
L: (at my meeting) pizza, chips and salsa, cucumbers, chocolate chip bar (I feel I did really well here today)
D: english muffin, grilled chicken breast w/chipotle sauce, spinach and tomato, carrots and broccoli
Sn: yogurt

Not sure on total calories today since lunch was a little out of my control. But I think I did ok. And my other comment on food today would be Chobani pineapple yogurt is the best stuff ever. I think I could give up all other yogurt for that (after I wasn't sure I would even like it)! (And no, its not a review, I didnt get paid or compensated to say that, or anything else, lol. I actually prefer Oikos most of the time, but Chobani has some different flavors I've been trying. Pineapple is my favorite of all so far)

Now I'm tired and I think I'll head to bed to read until I fall asleep.

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