Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sundays are going to be my struggle days. Almost every Sunday my extended family gets together for lunch after church. We've been doing this as long as I can remember...and I love it. However, I cant say we have the most healthy lunches. And when one is very consciously watching what they're eating and trying to lose weight, this is not a good day for lunch with family. Right now I'm doing modified SBD. I'm not really doing a strict phase one, but doing more of a lower carb/higher protein/counting calories kind of thing.
Lunch today consisted of lasagna, garlic bread and salad. Oh my it smelled good at my mom's. But, I resisted. Not even a bite. I knew we were having salad, so I took turkey to put on it. My aunt brought boiled eggs to add. I was fortunate to find reduced calorie dressing in my mom's fridge because I forgot to take mine. It was a good lunch for me.
I was in charge of dessert today, so I thought I'd try to find something maybe I could try. My first thought was something fruit based. So I searched for some recipes and found a mixed berry cobbler that looked good. It had no sugar (sweetened with apple juice) and only 1/2 C whole wheat flour. So I baked that up this morning. I had planned to figure the calories into my day, and possibly even add icecream.
After lunch no one was hungry for dessert, so we decided to go see my grandpa. Since no one had eaten any dessert, I decided to bring it home and freeze it for next week. So I dont know if it was any good. Smelled and looked good though! I really think it was God's way of telling me I'm not ready for anything that sweet yet. :)

Sundays are hard for another reason too. Nothing is on schedule. I ate breakfast at normal time, but that means I should have my first snack during church. I'm not so sure the pastor would appreciate that, lol. So I talked to my mom right after church and she wasnt sure if we were eating right away or visiting my grandpa first, so I didnt snack. We ended up eating at 1, which was WAY too long for me to wait (breakfast at 8) and I was starving! I've gotten used to eating every 3 hours now. But the rest of the day went ok.

I'm still running just a bit on the low side on calories. I think I might throw a banana in my oatmeal when I have that for breakfast. Maybe something else in there somewhere too.

B: oatmeal with PB
L: salad with turkey and egg, reduced calorie dressing
SN: apple and cheese stick
D: 2 scrambled eggs with turkey sausage crumble, cauliflower with cheese sauce
Sn: cottage cheese

Total: 1005 Calories

Tomorrow is on to week 2. :)

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