Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's started!

The construction workers started on the basement today! Heard the knock on the door at 6:39 am! Ugh! Good thing I was expecting them (at 7). I thought they were going to take measurements and get materials and such. Well, he told me they couldn't deliver the materials until tomorrow, so they went and got them. They have my mom's room and the bathroom framed! I was amazed they got so much done after emptying the basement and going to get the stuff. I'll post progress pictures as I take them. (I dont have the cord for my camera here at the moment.)

I've been wondering how some people can eat so few calories for dinner. I'm now discovering the secret. Tonight we had roast beef. I had no clue it was only 120 calories for 4 oz. Then, instead of having mashed potatoes, which would be a staple with roast beef, we had brown rice. And carrots. 260 calories for my entire meal. I know I'm low on calories tonight. I really needed another snack tonight, but I just dont feel like it and had too much going on.

B: english muffin with egg and cheddar cheese, clementine
Sn: yogurt
L: tuna salad (tuna, egg, onion, celery, mayo) on cucumber slices
Sn: cheese, apple sauce
D: roast beef, rice, carrots

Total: 1050

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