Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Good Day

I feel good about today. I didnt get any exercise in so to speak, but overall today feels good. I think part of the reason is I ate well. The kids were good at school. I have my lunch packed for tomorrow. The dishes are done. Homework is done (the kids, not mine). :) Meat is browned for tomorrow's dinner.

Feels good!

B: english muffin, egg, RF cheese
Sn: yogurt
L: mixed greens, turkey, RF cheese, LC dressing and a brownie (small)
Sn: RF cheese stick, clementine
D: chili, light sour cream, RF cheese
Sn: mixed berry crisp, 1/2 c vanilla ice cream

Total: 1400 AND (drumroll please) 80 oz of water! I haven't done that in awhile!

The basement is still coming along. We had an interesting day yesterday. They were using a gas powered concrete saw and the house filled with exhaust. The carbon monoxide detector was going off in the basement, so we decided to leave early (we were going shopping). I left the back door and kitchen window open, even though it was cold. When we came home, they came up right away to tell us not to use any water. They had hit the sewer pipe. Ew! So we decided to go see a movie. (Beauty and the Beast in 3D) By the time we got home from that they had fixed everything. It was a fun day out anyway.

There is some sad news though. A lady I've known for a long time (she went to college with my mom and I went to school with her son) died unexpectedly on Sunday. They think it was either a massive stroke or a heart attack. Three of her family members work in the district I do, and her DIL worked at my school last year.
And a member of our church died today. He was older (80s probably) and had cheated death before. This one was expected, as he's been going downhill rather quickly lately.
They will both be missed.

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