Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bad weekend

I'm not beating myself up over this weekend. Some choices weren't mine, and some were bad choices I chose to make.
Saturday we had a going away party for my cousin's daughter who is leaving for the navy tomorrow. The food was good. I dont particularly like potato chips, but we have a local company that makes the best french onion chip dip ever. So I had some with chips. And a little hot chicken dip with tortilla chips. And some creamed chicken with no bun. I also had a piece of cake. And full sugar soda. There was deli turkey, that I passed on. There were no veggies. Oh, I did have some water. So while I didnt eat healthy, I also didn't stuff myself silly with bad foods.
Today we had a birthday party. Ugh. I had a donut at church before the party. Then I had a coney at the party, a few baked beans, and some apple sauce. And a piece of cake with a scoop of icecream. Again, not healthy choices (but thats all that was there), but I also didn't stuff myself. Now today is over and I'll start fresh tomorrow.

I'm tired of counting calories. I don't think this is something I can keep up with forever. Tomorrow I'm going to start an almost-phase-1 SBD week. I dont know that I'm going to weigh and measure everything, but I'm going to try to follow what I've been doing and see what happens.

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