Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I hate having headaches. I get them regularly enough as it is, but this is day 2 of the detox headache. I know its all for the better, but I sure hate feeling this way.

I also hate when I do stupid things like get completely away from what I know works. I was having my salad for lunch today, and it just tasted soooo good. So why do I get away from that? Probably because I get lazy and just grab whatever is easy. I know eating healthy takes a bit more time, but its so worth it. I just need to keep plugging along.

Today was another pretty good day. The kids were actually really good at school, so I didnt feel the stress I thought I might being the first day back from break.

And food was good too. Its really a struggle to resist temptations. I realize how much I snack and pick here and there. Like taking a fry off Livi's tray at lunch. Or eating the crackers and dip in the workroom. It all eventually adds up, so I avoided it all today. That being said, I really have to plan breakfast better. Its probably the hardest meal for me to eat healthy. I need some new ideas that are SBD friendly. (I did have oatmeal with PB today, which was good and not too bad on calories.)

B: oatmeal with 1 Tbsp peanut butter
Sn: boiled egg
L: salad with turkey, drizzled with vinegar and oil
Sn: yogurt
D: steak, brown rice, broccoli and cauliflower
Sn: popcorn

Total calories: 1110 Still a little low. But I ate a TON for dinner and it was only 375 calories!
I still need to do better on water.

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