Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time to get serious

My dad came to visit over the weekend. We picked a time in May to head to Cedar Point. Its been several years since I've been there, so I cant wait. But---I have to have more weight off by then. Its a little over 3 months away, so I'm pushing for 30 pounds. It really has to be at least that by then. This will get me just about to my second goal for the year (50 lbs by my b-day, which is the end of May). I missed the first goal (20 lbs by Feb 16th) by about 6 lbs. So I must work harder.

Its supposed to get nice again by the end of this week (so I think I've heard). I'm really thinking about having the girls meet me at the school on days I work so we can walk on the trail for a bit after school. On days I'm off, I can do it myself during the day, or just pick them up at the school and go after. I know it wont happen every day, especially with softball starting soon, but I'm hoping our home field is somewhere I can walk during practices. I just need to add this piece in.

Since I had company over the weekend, the house is in pretty good shape. I'd really like to start back on the 30 day shred. Only I think I'm going to approach it differently this time... Last time I couldnt walk after just a few days. I was hobbling, I hurt everywhere, which I know is the point. But then I couldn't give it 100% because I just hurt too bad. So I think I will actually do the 30 day shred in 60 days, and do it every other day instead of every day. Might take a little longer to get the results, but I'm hoping then I can give it 100% every time.

And I'm back to measuring and counting calories. I'm going to try my plate at Livestrong to help me keep track. They tell me around 1500 calories will let me lose about 2 lbs per week. I'm hoping adding exercise will up that just a bit, so I can hit my 30 pound goal.

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Maren said...

Counting calories is what works for me too. :)

Glad you've joined our challenge!!