Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots of Stuff on the Mind...

Maybe thats the reason I'm not sleeping well??? I'm guessing I will sleep better tonight because I dont have to work tomorrow. We'll see...

There's been so much going on at school. I dont think I ever remember so many elementary kids being suspended in a year. It seems every week or so another kids is out for one thing or another. Add 3 more to the list today. Sixth graders this time saying and doing really awful things to their female classmates. Hopefully they'll learn something from all this, because one of the ones suspended has been giving me much grief in the last 2 weeks. Sigh...

When I have cafeteria duty, I walk around and chat with the kids. One day we got on the subject of eating fruits and vegetables. I told them I think its important, and I make my kids eat 3 spoonfuls of whatever vegetable we have for dinner, whether they like it or not. It doesn't kill them, and hopefully will make them understand the importance of a varied diet.
Anyway, this conversation was with my daughter's class (4th grade). There is a girl in her class that must weigh between 150 and 175 lbs. She said her mom never makes her eat veggies, and only fruit if she wants to. Um, yeah, I would have guessed. But I dont feel like its my place to say anything to her. I can just talk about a balanced diet and being healthy. I do it to hopefully keep my kids from having to struggle with their weight the way I have my whole life. And so far it seems to be working. Dont you think every parent would want that for their child? The mom of this girl is terribly overweight as well. So of course that would lead us to believe its their lifestyle. And she's passing that lifestyle on to her kid...who will probably pass it on to her kids someday because thats all she knows. Its sad. I know what its like to grow up fat. She's going to be ridiculed. She's not going to fit in. She's going to suffer with self esteem issues. It breaks my heart.

I know I cant save the world. (But thats my personality type) So I'm just trying to make a difference.

Tonight it was my youngest (7) who didnt want to eat her cauliflower. Sigh... She knows the veggies, no snack. So before bed she's telling me she's SO hungry. She really wants something to eat. But she made the choice not to eat her veggies, so she chose not to get a snack. I told her to have a glass of milk, but thats all she was getting. I want her to learn to make the right choices.

Its hard. Its hard for me to lose the weight. Its hard to teach my kids to make good choices. I have to remind my oldest more than the others about choosing what, when, and how much to eat. She could end up like me faster than the others, and I just dont want that to happen.

I'm trying. I hope its enough.

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