Friday, March 30, 2012

Need a Break

It has been a crazy busy week. I'm so ready for spring break! I'm behind on reading, slacking on goals....ugh!

Last night I had to pick up my oldest from school at 4. (She's switching from trumpet to tuba and started lessons last night) We had to run to town to the Verizon store. Waste. of. time. How can they not offer the same things in the store that they do online??? So we left there and went to Walmart. I got a few things and was sitting on a bench waiting for my mom. I honestly dont judge people, because I'm sure there are those around judging me. But I was just curious as to what people were buying. So I started watching carts.
Now I wasn't there to buy "groceries". I'm taking my oldest 2 and a friend to the movie tonight (Hunger Games, yay!), and we stopped to get candy and soda. (Shhhh, we're taking our own. I cant afford to buy it there!) I also had a bag of chips, because we'll stop to get pizza on the way home for dinner. We usually have soda if we get pizza (which isn't often), plus one of the girls will have a friend here ("special occasion"), so I had 2 bottles of soda. All that made my cart look bad. But I also had 2 things of strawberries, mixed greens for salad, protein bars and some juice.
I usually dont pay attention to what other people are buying. But I've read about others thinking about what they see in people's carts. Since I was sitting by the check outs, and had to wait for my mom, I decided to pay attention.
First couple: 2 overweight parents with a little boy (maybe 1 1/2). They have regular milk and chocolate milk, 4 2-liters of soda, poptarts, fruity pebbles, 2 bags of chips plus some other stuff. I saw no fruits or veggies. Now, maybe they're like me and were not there for "real" groceries...
But this seemed to be the norm...the heavy people were the ones buying junk. Do people think that about me when I have a shopping trip like last night? Do they think I shop like that all the time? I dont buy chips unless the girls have friends over and we're having pizza, or we're having a b-day party or something. We never "just have them in the house". And I really mean never. I dont buy cookies or other junk. I used to, but I'm really trying to change all of our eating habits. We dont have soda in the house (and I hear complaints about it from the girls)...I dont care if they have it on occasion, but I'm not going to have it here for them on a regular basis. And my grocery bill has gone way up. Eating healthy with lots of fruit and veggies is not cheap. At all. So maybe thats why so many people are heavy, and have the junk in the cart. I saw something on FB the other day that said, "No wonder we have an epidemic of obesity in the US when you can go to McDs and get a hamburger for 99 cents but a salad is $4.99". Yeah, no joke. Eating healthy is expensive.

But on to other things...
I have not exercised yet this week. Ugh! We had 2 concerts this week, I was cooking for a carry in at work one night, and had all the running around to do last night. I know they're excuses, but I have been utterly exhausted lately. I'm going to be lucky to get 2 days of exercise in this week. Sigh... Eating has been ok though.
I have to teach this afternoon. Kindergarten. Double ugh! I did it yesterday all day. Our kindy class is a handful to put it mildly. There are 26 of them in there, and she's documenting 7 of them for behavior. But---if I make it through this afternoon, spring break starts! An entire week off work. I'm so excited. We havent had a full week off since I cant remember when. We only used 1 snow day this year, so no days to make up. (Crazy!) I usually want to work a couple days over break, since I wont get paid being off, but since I taught yesterday and today, and have some extra hours from conference time to use next week, I should be ok. I'm just going to sit back and relax!

Hope you all are having a good week!

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Chinagirl said...

Glad to get to know you a bit more through your blog. We also just buy soda when we have a special meal or so. And some visitors are not used to JUST have water for a regular meal. I'm sorry for them, but it's good for us all, right? Have a good Sunday.