Monday, March 26, 2012

First Day

Tonight was my youngest daughter's spring musical. It was grades K-3. They really did a great job with it.

I think today was a pretty good first day. I had a couple changes happen during the day, so that threw off my eating plan, but not too terribly. I've really been trying to eat every 2-3 hours... I had breakfast, then took a snack for mid morning. I got a text that softball practice for my 10 year old was cancelled for tonight. That meant I could push dinner back to regular time instead of really early. But--I didnt bring a second snack so I could have something before tutoring. I had a protein bar in my purse, but thats what I had for my mid-morning snack, and I usually dont like to do that twice in a day. But it worked, and was better than other things I could have had. But I did have 2 pepperoni breadsticks from the cafeteria today with my salad (from home). Not all bad, but not in my original plan. Even with those, I'm still well within my calorie range.

Hoping for a good night sleep tonight and lots of energy tomorrow! Another long day ahead.


Raeesa Samizdat said...

Protein bars save my day when I remember to bring them! Good work!

PlumPetals said...

I also try to avoid the protein/energy bars -- but they have come in really handy on some days when I just haven't had the chance to prepare something else to eat!

Chinagirl said...

Hi, Lori
I got very excited, when I also saw your other page. Do you like in an Amish town or are you Amish yourself? I so much would like to get to know you much closer.
I hope, we will have a great challenge together. It´s not easy, but just try to drink a lot and get exercise done. That´s the most challenging for me, besides trying to not eat sweets. So, hope, you will be successful in that.

~Lori~ said...

I live in the middle of amish country in Ohio. I work at the local elementary school, and our enrollment is 45% amish. I love it here! :) (But no, I am not amish. I couldnt live like that, lol. I need my modern conveniences!)

Kody at Skinny Sized said...

I hope your weeks is going well!!