Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots to Post

Maddy is finally on the mend. Hope we can all stay healthy now.

Mom had surgery Friday. It was a long day. We got to the hospital at 5:30, went up to pre-op just after 6, and Mom went into surgery at 7:30. She went to recovery at 3:30. But...things weren't quite as they planned. The mass was not on her liver. It was beside it. And they dont think it was cancerous. Apparantly the top of her colon had a leak, and it formed this mass. So they removed it, sewed up the hole, and somehow connected part of her colon to her stomach, so her stomach drains in two places now. I guess she has a stent in her stomach (?) that will have to be removed in a few weeks. Not sure on those details though. I just dont know a whole lot yet. Today she was sitting in the chair a lot of the time I was there, but slept a lot too. They said they have her ICU discharge papers, and as soon as a bed was available, they'd move her to the James. Chad is going down tomorrow. I told him to ask a lot of questions. Hopefully they'll know more since we're back to weekdays. No one knows anything on weekends.

I think I'm letting something bother me more than I think it is. I had a dream last night, and it wasnt something I even want to be thinking about. And I didnt know it was really getting to me that much. But if its not, then why am I dreaming things like that? I dont think its really whats there thats bothering me, its reminding me what I dont have that is.

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