Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy birthday Ali!

Alexis turned 14 today. Just saying that makes me feel old. I cant believe I'm the mom of a 14 year old. I mean, she came home this week with papers to schedule her high school classes for next year. Sniff sniff. Makes me so sad. She's just growing up too fast! She even has a "date" Friday. Her boyfriend asked her to go to the movie. Unfortunately its her dad's weekend, and she doesnt want him to know about said bf, so I told her to tell him friends are going to the movie and want her to go, and would it be ok to just go to his house when she gets home.... I would be mad if they were keeping things like this from me, but I cant help but be on her side with this. He reacts so badly to things like this. Yes, I worry about her. I talk to her. I want her to make good decisions. But she also needs the chance to do that on her own. I can only hope I'm raising her with good judgement and values.
I love her dearly!

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