Monday, February 28, 2011

What's Next?

No school today. Surprised? How about if I say it was in the 50s yesterday and this morning? And it rained overnight. A lot. On top of 6-8" of snow. And now everything is flooded. Its a mess!
Alexis and I went to town to get groceries. We got there with no trouble, then went to the BMV to pick up a paper to get Mom's license plates. Then the trouble started. We tried to get home. Every road heading south, east or west was closed. We drove around for 30 minutes, turning around, trying other ways....before we finally got out of town. The road to Holmesville is closed. The road in front of the other Walmart is flooded. Things are just a mess.

Mom is still doing good. Her scope is tomorrow. The girls and I are going down Wednesday after school for her b-day. We wont be able to stay long, but I'd really like to see her on her b-day, and I think she'll like to see the girls. We picked up a couple mylar balloons today to take along too. And Chad will be there.

In other good news, I decided last week to really work on this stupid weight loss. I can come up with excuse after excuse and keep putting it off or saying I'll start next week or after this or that. Well, it never comes. So, its time. For real. For good. Even with spending a night in Columbus last week, eating out several times, going back to Columbus 3 other times, I still lost 7 lbs. If I pay attention to what and more importantly, how much I eat, I can do this. I know its unreasonable to expect to keep up that pace, but I'm hoping for good numbers at least for awhile to keep the motivation up. I also want to get my treadmill back from the other house so I can start C25K again. I have that desire to run. (What is wrong with me and where is that coming from???)

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