Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Snow day #6. (Actually we should call this ice day. We got no snow, but a lot of ice covering everything.) That means we make up Presidents day, and 2 days of spring break. I wont complain. I dont get paid for today, but its one day in a 2 week paycheck. I'll at last get 2 days pay during spring break now.
The good thing to having a snow day today---Maddy is sick. She woke up and threw up. At least she (and I) doesnt have to miss a day of school for it. I hope she feels better if we go back tomorrow. I feel so bad when my kiddos are sick.

And speaking of sick, Mom got the results of her CAT scan on Thursday. They found another spot. :( She also has an enlarged liver, and they think thats a result of her chemo. I think they're going to do a biopsy of that at some point. And, she's also collecting fluid in her abdomen and they dont know why. She had a PET scan yesterday, and will find out the results on Friday. Hopefully by then they'll know whats going on, and if she has to head back to Columbus.

On a brighter note, Pam and I got 2 walls framed and put up for Ali's room on Saturday. It feels good to make that progress. Chris was also working in the bathroom. He didnt get it done, but one more work day and I should have a bathtub. Then to figure out what to do with the shower...

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