Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of Week 9

I am so failing this challenge big time.  :(   But, I did lose a couple pounds this week.  Its too bad I feel like I've lost the same few pounds over and over the whole time.  Sigh...

Goals for the last week will be rough again.  We have tomorrow off school, then one last day.  (I'm already done...I took a personal day Tuesday to go watch my daughter's 8th grade graduation.)  Tuesday will be spent at the awards assembly at the elementary school in the morning, then at 8th grade graduation in the afternoon.  I'll go back to the elementary at the end of the day for the 6th grade "Clap out". 

Then Wednesday morning we'll meet my dad and the rest of the family (step mom, great aunt, brother, half-brother and sister-in-law, their 2 kids (which includes a niece I havent met yet), and sister) at Cedar Point for 2 days.  I'm so excited.  I haven't been there for probably 6 years, and my kids have never been there.  This will probably be our vacation for the summer.  We're taking most of the food, and I'm planning on plenty of water too.

That leaves Friday to get ready for the yard sale on Saturday.  Its also our school auction/raffle/bbq (our one and only fund raiser), so I'll have to work at that for a bit.  Saturday evening I'll finish getting the house ready for my grandpa's 90th b-day party which will be here next Sunday.  Oh, I also have to make all the cupcakes for that too.

Then I hope to have a little time to relax a bit.  I am taking a class the following week for 3 days at our high school, and need to take some college classes this summer, but I really hope things will slow down some.

Hope everyone has a great last week!


Debsdailylife said...

That is one wildly busy week!!! Plan plan plan!!
I hope you fun with your family, and how exciting to meet your neice!!! I havent been to Cedar Point since before I was married. (20+ years) Have a blast!! Be smart!!

PlumPetals said...

Sounds like you've got a lot of fun events coming up! Good luck getting through your busy week :)

Caron said...

Good luck to you in meeting your goals in this final week. :)

Michele said...

Have a strong finish to the challenge and fun on your trip!

Jen said...

You will easy do it. Good luck girl x