Saturday, January 10, 2015

One Week

Tomorrow will be the end of the first week of really working at things.  I'm excited to see where I'll be.  I've been working pretty hard, and while I could amp up the exercise, I have been doing some, and trying.  I'm happy with myself this week.

1.) I will eat clean 90% of the time:
      I am very happy with myself and this goal.  I've been tracking on My Fitness Pal, and I think it helps a lot.  The only "off plan" thing I ate this week was one monster cookie, and I made it so I know what was in it (and there is no flour).

2.) I will exercise more.
     I think I made it 3 days this week.  (Maybe 4?)  I want to work on a plan, but the treadmill is SO boring!

3.) I will be less lazy.
     The dishes got washed every day this week!  I'm a little behind on laundry, but I'm doing much better with this goal so far.

The other 2 are not really updatable at this point.

We missed 2 days of school this week due to the cold, and snow on Friday.  I won't complain.  I didn't get a lot accomplished, but it was nice to be home.  I went down to school today to finish putting up some decorations.  My good friend drew an almost life sized Elsa and Anna for me over break.  I colored them, cut them out, and now they're hanging on the doors of my room and the gym.  Olaf is on the bulletin board across from my room.  It says "Some people are worth melting for", and I've asked the teachers to have their classes come sign the bulletin board.  I also hung snowflakes from the ceiling in the hall.  I think it looks pretty good, and the kids will love it.

About a month ago we started going to a new church.  After about 37 years of going to the same church, there were things going on that I didn't agree with, and that I couldn't get over, so we decided to leave.  It really started about a year ago with my kids wanting to go somewhere else.  It just took me awhile to do it.  It's SO hard to just walk in to a new church to "try it out".  We like the one we've been going to for the last month.  I will admit that my favorite part is the music.  They have a band, and it's  kind of like being at a concert during the music.  I love live music, so it's great.  They have a good youth group for the kids too, but they haven't started going to that yet.  I hope they show in interest in it soon.  It's part of the reason they wanted to find somewhere new, and particularly this church.  (The only downside is it starts at 8:30, and we're used to church starting at 10:30)

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