Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today we took Mom for a check-up. The dr was really surprised at how well she's doing. She was grimmacing a bit when she got out of the chair to walk to the table, and he asked if she should be back in the hospital and she said "Heavens no!". He said that was a good answer. He said her incision looked great! Nice and pink and healthy. She got one of her drains out, but still has 2 left. She's allowed to drink more, and drink other things now, she can have jello, and in a couple weeks she can start trying toast. She doesnt need to go back for 2 months unless something comes up.

I'm into week 4 of weight loss/healthier eating. So far I'm down 14lbs. I'll take it. I'm really excited to get this going, finally. I have lots of motivation this time...and one thing in particular. :) The only thing I'm having trouble with is getting C25K started. I wanted to start yesterday, and 6:00 am is the best time for me to fit it in, but I just couldnt get myself out of bed. I'm having trouble sleeping the last couple weeks, and I just cant seem to get up with any energy at all. Then I had to drive carpool last night, ended up with a headache, so I just never got on the treadmill. I need to force myself. Its something I really want to do, but getting started is just not fun, lol.

Maybe I need to post a picture somewhere of why I want to do all this...

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