Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still plugging along

I just dont feel like I have anything to say.

We went to Kalahari last Thursday and Friday with a friend and her 2 daughters. It was the first time there for me and 3 of my kids. We had a blast! It was so so so very fun.

Spent Saturday cooking and baking for the b-day party on Sunday. I did cupcakes this time... cookie dough cupcakes and brownie bite cupcakes, both of which I found on another blog. Gave me ideas to try my own concoctions though. :) I'd love to be more adventurous with cooking and baking.

But, it wont be for awhile. I gave up sweets for lent. I'm not catholic, but I find I stick to things like this better when I do it for lent. I guess I feel I'll be breaking a promise to God if I cheat. Thats bigger than breaking a promise to me or something like that. So, day one has been fine so far.

And that could be because I had a growth taken off my chin today. It was ugly. He asked me if I'd had any trauma to my chin, because it was a group of veins that had gone haywire, and they usually see that on hands after some kind of trauma. I cant think of anything that would have happened, but who really knows. At any rate, its gone now, and I'm left with a bunch of little stitches. Thankfully I'm not scheduled to teach the next 2 days. :)

We got all of Mom's apartment painted on Sunday and Monday. I think she and Ali are getting excited. Its really coming together.

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