Sunday, November 6, 2011

That Time Again

This weekend was the annual quilters/crafters retreat with my friends from elementary school. Its always such a good time...laughing, eating, scrappin', meeting new people... just relaxing, fun and time to get caught up.
For the most part, this year proved to be as fun as past years. There were a few differences though. Two of my friends have developed a rift in their friendship. (They probably spend the most time together.) There are some things going on with P that H doesnt agree with. To be honest, neither do I, but these are her decisions to make, and she'll have to deal with the consequences. What I do agree with is that H was in the wrong when she told numerous people about what is going on with P. Its very personal, and really no one else's business. Because of this, P has stopped going to church. She's afraid she's being judged. But that is the place she needs to be most. She and I had a good heart to heart talk Saturday night. I'm not always one to say what people dont want to hear, but I felt like God was guiding me in telling her things she needed to hear, whether she wanted to or not. I wasn't mean or hurtful, just truthful. It was one of the only times the words just came effortlessly, and I felt I said a lot of what needed to be said. I hope she really listened. I hope she's willing to make the changes she needs to make. I hope they can mend their friendship, and get back what's been lost.

I also talked to my friends about whats been going on with me and LLG. We had some good laughs about some things, lots of questions (most of which I dont have answers to), and I even blushed once at a comment that was made (which rarely happens!).

So while this weekend was fun, productive, soul filling.... there was just something missing this year. There wasn't the cohesiveness with the 4 of us like there usually is. You could feel the tension, and that just took a little something away from the weekend.

On the down side....I snacked waaaaaay more than I had planned or wanted to. So, back to the grind tomorrow. Unfortunately I havent been to get groceries yet---just entirely too exhausted this afternoon when I got home. So I must go tomorrow to get some healthy and fresh food back in the house.

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