Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving Right Along

I feel like this week is just flying by. I cant believe tomorrow is already Thursday! Usually I dread Thursdays, as they are my long days, but I dont think tomorrow will be so bad. The kids are making poinsettias this week, after we read about Christmas in Mexico. So far they're having a fun time with it, and they are really turning out great.

We're making cookies and candy on Saturday. Looking forward to that. The only thing that would make it better is if Sis would be here. But I think I have most everything we need. Mmmmm, just the thought is making me anxious! :)

I have the big girls Christmas gifts ordered. I'm so excited! I got them each a Zune 30gb mp3 player. They are awesome. I think I got a great deal, and hopefully they'll be here by the end of the week. I did a little more Christmas shopping tonight, and got the little girls each a pair of boots they wanted. (Some "like the big girls"...not "play in the snow" boots) They'll love those. Not sure what else to get. Oh, I did get a few stocking stuffers too...

The workers are done on the house. They are really a super group of guys. They did some little extras they're not allowed to do, like paint the living room where they patched, and the big girls' bedroom. They would have done mine too, but I must not have any leftover paint. They put new aerators on the bathroom sinks, so the water doesnt spray all over the place anymore. They cleaned the basement so we'll have room to set up the ping pong table and bowling table. They put up the tv shelf on the wall in the big girls room. They were just wonderful. (Mom said they're having a luncheon for the whole weatherization department next week, so I'm sending in some of the cookies they liked so well.) I just hope they realize how much I appreciate everything they did!

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