Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving right along

The house is coming right along. They have all the insulation blown in the main floor. (not sure if they're done in the basement yet...) Its a bit messy, and I spent a lot of last night cleaning the living room. I had to vacuum the walls, furniture, dust everything, etc. But its better. Now I need to do that to the rest of the house. Ugh!
But, they are a great group of guys working here. They're very respectful to me and my things, clean up after themselves, etc. They tolerate the girls when they get home...even Maddy who wants them to pay attention to her. I just appreciate all they're doing for me!

One setback is they called me on Tuesday and said I was getting water in the basement. Great. They went out in the pouring rain and dug around the septic tank, and found out its full. Thats pretty much impossible, since the tank is HUGE and it was just pumped last year. So something is wrong. I had someone come look at it yesterday, and thankfully he thinks its not going to be a huge expense. Of course, he's just guessing at this point, but he said it doesnt show signs of being something awful.

And I'm finding through this whole process, 95% of life is who you know. I'm also incredibly thankful my mom is such a great lady, because I think a lot of what I'm getting and what they're doing is because I'm her daughter. Not that they dont do the whole package for everyone, but I requested the furnace guy who came. I didnt lie...he was here the longest and was the most thorough during the inspection, but he's also the husband of my mom's good friend at work. He was great. He's also going to come back to seal up a couple entrances in the drains. But, in his estimate for that, he worked the numbers so he could get a drain camera to run through the drains to see about the water. He did that Weds. Community Action wont pay for that, but he worked it so he could do it for me. Then, when he found the cracked tile, he gave me the number for the guy who came to look at it yesterday. This guy even called the furnace guy to see what he saw/found with the camera. Its all in who you know...

My friend is supposed to come back to visit tomorrow. Hope he's still planning on it. I'm taking pics for Sasha. I thought it was Sunday, but when I looked at the calendar, its actually tomorrow. Good thing I checked.

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