Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

A couple days late. We had a really really nice Christmas. Friday we did the traditional seafood dinner at the home with my grandma. Even Ralph and his girlfriend were here this year. Then back here for gifts and goodies. At the 9pm Christmas Eve service, Mom, Chad and I sang O Holy Night. I love doing that. Its my favorite Christmas song.
Saturday we opened gifts here, then the girls went to their dad's while the rest of us went to my aunt's for brunch. Mmmmmm. Then they went to get my grandpa and we all came here for gifts and food and games. It was a fun day.

Now we're trying to get things back in order for the New Years get together here on Friday. There seems to be so much to do before then, and its not getting done very quickly. Oh well... I'm not really sure how many people are coming, but I wouldnt mind if its not too many. The girls are having a few friends over, and I'm hoping to have a friend over... I'm in the mood for eucher!

Its just been a really nice Christmas break so far!

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