Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So today is the day. Today we find out whether we'll continue to have community elementary schools, or whether they'll be closed and torn down. I'm really stressed today. If this doesn't pass, I'll be crying tonight, for more than one reason. I really hope people dig deep and search their hearts and do what's right.

Last night was the first night I heard Brenna say how stressed she is about the whole situation. Thats sad. The kids should not have to worry about these things. They should just enjoy school and being kids. I hope they have reason to relax tomorrow!

Oh, and the big girls party went well. Before Matthew even got home he was texting Ali saying how they need to do that again soon. I dont think they did much, but I guess they had a good time just being together.

In other news...I have to come up with the money to keep the house. The nursing home is already asking about it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Mom said one solution would be for her to sell her house, renovate the basement, and move in here. While it wouldnt be all bad, I dont want that at all. I want the basement for the girls to hang out in. I want a cool place to go in the summer. I want to have parties and get togethers.... There has to be another way. I have the ping pong table, bowling table, etc...for the girls. Where am I supposed to put those??? There has to be another way...

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