Saturday, November 13, 2010


What a nice day today. It was super sunny, 70* and so nice. To top it off, my friend came to visit today. I haven't seen him in 8 years, so it was really nice to catch up. I mean, we've kept in contact over the years (ever since we met), but its not the same as just having the chance to have a real conversation.
We walked all around Fredericksburg, just taking in the sites and such. He took a few pics, and we chatted. Walked up to the park for him to take some pics of the big tree, then sat up there for a bit and chatted. Then we went to have lunch in Berlin. Not sure why I picked Berlin, since its a super nice day---and Saturday---at noon! But there was a reason. We walked into the restaurant and there was a display of paintings for sale. He wasnt impressed, and the most expensive one wasnt very good. So it put a bug in his head about painting and trying to sell some around this area. :) I told him it was a sign, and he said he agreed.

We came back here and he loaded photoshop for me, showed me a few easier ways to edit, etc. He didnt really want to leave, just wanted to sit and enjoy the view, the peacefulness... But he wanted to drive at least the back roads in the daylight (what was left). He also asked when would be a good time for him to come back. He's talking the week of Thanksgiving...thats like only a little over a week away!

It was just a really nice, relaxing, laid back kind of day.

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