Friday, November 26, 2010


Today was a very hard day. I had the papers to sign to give the house back to my grandpa, so we could go through all the steps to get it back to me legally and w/o taxes and such. The problem was, Mike had to sign off too. When I first told him, he was ok with it. But then sometime this week he got a burr up his butt about something, and decided he didnt want to sign. He wanted $10,000 for his troubles. Um, really? This is so my grandpa can stay in the nursing home and get the care he needs and deserves. Plus, we agreed this would be my house and that one would be his. So whats the big deal??? I was so stressed out today, talking to him, yelling at him, texting him, etc. I was on the verge of tears many times. I didnt want the girls to see how bad this was affecting me, but I'm sure they did. Plus I had a friend's kids here, so I didnt want it to be awful. But it was. Thankfully it all worked out, and he finally signed. It should be back to me, but they need to be filed with the lawyer now. I'm SO glad to have that out of the way. There really isn't anything else he could take from me that means this much, except the girls of course, but they wouldn't go if he decides to fight me for them.

Then to top it off, my friend was supposed to come over tomorrow, and now we need to reschedule. He had family show up unexpectedly from out of state, so understandably he wants to spend some time with them. But I sure could have used the distraction... Another day soon though.

Guess I'll crank the Christmas tunes tomorrow and make the place look festive! I am going to be happy for the holidays! :)

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