Thursday, October 28, 2010


When does it get easier? When do things work out like they're supposed to? When do I get a break? I got an email from Mom today saying she needs to talk to me. Its VERY important. And she left it at that. You cant leave me hanging like that. So I asked her what its about and she said the house. We were afraid this might happen. The nursing home has apparantly asked what happened to the money from the sale of the house. Well, I havent paid on it yet. I'm planning to start after the first of the year. But they want the money for him to stay there. I cant just keep the house since it hasnt been 5 years since I bought it...its only been 1 1/2. Its so not fair. I'm trying to do whats right...trying to take care of my family. I dont want to lose this house! But who is going to give me a loan with only a part time job? I really need this to worry about on top of everything else. Sometimes life is just not fair.

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